Abandoned Building

I met this guy at a bar when i was in boston…i really wasnt thinking cause for some reason i gave him my phone number and gave him the impression i would want to meet up with him if he were ever to come to my city. When he called he told me he came to miami just to see me which is pretty pathetic and kinda freaked me out. But i agreed to meet up with him anyway but i didnt want to be seen with him in public and it was such a nice day i thought this abandoned building i used to hangout at when i was a kid would be perfect…and it had been a while since i had given a nice handjob…he had a decent size dick and he came pretty fast but who can blame him i give really good handjobs. I thought it was kinda weird he was wearing gym shorts for underwear. for a guy who traveled so far to see me he sure didnt talk much althuogh he did tell me the handjob i gave him was “wicked” i thought that was kinda cute.

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