Backroom Casting Couch – Madison

Today we’re going to travel back in time a few months with 19 year old scholar Madison. 1st time anal and probably one of THE BEST PAINAL scenes of all time. Mad’s casting is actually Jake’s very first time ever appearing on Backroom. But there was a snafu with one of the cams, and so I kept this as a backup for a week like this last – when every damn girl turned into a walkout, IF she even bothered to show up to her casting at all. New Years resolutions are a bitch. “Clean up my act”, “Stop being such a whore”, “Work hard for your money”, all that jazz. Once girls realize they have neither the will power nor ambition to actually do any of that, they’ll be knocking down my office door in droves soon. Thanks, guys, for your patience with this.
About Madison – average chubby teen face, surprisingly fit body though once I get her to strip, great ass, smart enough to be a Sophomore in Engineering at 19 while also holding down a waitressing job, likes Interracial porn, and, as she reveals at the end, has never been with a white guy before. And with Jake being probably the whitest guy in the Southwest, that’s quite the leap for her. But not as big of a leap as her FIRST TIME ANAL – which happens in her casting. Madison’s facial expressions and genuine horror as Jake fucks her ass are priceless. You can see she’s trying to be brave, but…(“BBWLo”, you’ll love this one!)
Madison orgasms at the same time Jake does, right when he shoots a massive load of cum inside her pussy. So clearly she recovered ok from the painal. All you Captain Save-A-Ho types can rest easy.
The only neg here is that the POV cam overheats as she grudgingly masturbates (coincidence?…) after her interview. So I have to turn the camera off and make due with the 2 other ones until the thing cools down. I thought it had at some point, I turn it back on…but it does’t actually record Jake’s POV until – luckily!! – it starts back up just before he fucks Madison’s ass, and then ejaculates a gallon of semen inside her. So we get to see all that in graphic glory, captured by all 3 cameras. Enjoy and wish us luck this coming week…

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