Baily – Scream’s while her asshole get’s torn apart !

Baily’s first anal is pretty intense! For anyone who has not watched her first video she has gained a little junk in the truck and came back to try out a cock in her ass this time. Keep in mind this girl cannot even handle my cock in her pussy without screaming. She was so loud I am shocked no one heard from from a mile away all called the cops to report a murder. I had to turn down the volume on the video because it was so loud it would cause your speakers to crack. After I finally got my cock in her ass it was almost impossible to fuck because if I moved she would move with me or not at all. I know she has a ultra tight pussy but her asshole was to tight to fuck hard enough to cum so I put it back in her pussy and nutted deep inside her now keep in mind she blue balled me in the shower the day before so she got a double shot of cum. I would list this as one of the most proud cream pie videos I have ever made her size plus the size of that load was like watching a firework show. Let’s hope she comes back again since so many of you love how vocal she is.

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