BJ on a Bus

So every now and then i get a sudden urge to do something crazy, unfortunatly when i get that sudden urge i never have my cameraman around so none of you guys get to see what it is. So i decided to give you guys a treat…ive been getting alota emails from you guys about doing things in public places so i figured id give you what you wanted. I was however silly enough to think i could give a bj on a bus without being seen. Boy was i wrong…the funny thing is that when it was over i thought i did get away with it except for one dude who saw and actually took a picture of me and my friend angel in the act on his phone camera, but it turns out as i was getting off the bus i got a standing ovation from everyone on the bus…they all saw me but didnt say anything!!! how cool was that. I have to admit i was a bit embarrassed especially when the bus driver asked me for my number on the way out…all in all this is one exciting installment for you guys enjoy it!

Download This Video From HERE

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