– Fiona & Enrico

In love as on the first date. How nice that Fiona and Enrico share with us how they enjoy their love together… Fiona and Enrico… – Bianca & Andreas

“They fight and they love each other”. Bianca (19) and Andreas (25) are the best example for two opposites that are attracted to each other…. – Maya & Uri

Maya wants to become a successful businesswoman. Uri (23) is cook and wants to see the world with his job. Food is eaten everywhere anyways…. – Cleo & Frank

“Love is in the air”: It’s sparking between Frank and Cleo. The two fresh lovers can’t keep their eyes and fingers off each other. Even… – Paulita & Dwayne

A really sweet couple, the Spanish Paulita and the model Dwayne. Highly interesting what the two cuties tell us about sex, masturbation etc… They met… – Sunny & Joe

Sunny and Joe have “searched and found” each other. Five years ago they met and have been inseparable since. The more sex, the merrier –… – Fleur & Luka

Fleur and Luka sit with us totally relaxed in the park. The tell us how they met the first time at school in southern France….

Molly & Real (27 & 30)

Molly and Real can really let loose when they’re on their huge bed. Real knows exactly where her erogenous zones are and indulges them with…

Ben & Lisa (24 & 26)

Madly in love: Ben and Lisa have a lot of laughs together and things can get frolicking in bed, too. They know each other deeply…

Lustery: Selena & Alex (23 & 24)

Selena (23) and Alex (24) are from Spain. They have tons of fun letting their hot-blooded spirits rein free in front while our camera is…

Lustery: Zee & Maria (23 & 22)

It doesn’t take long for Maria and Zee to get down to business. From the beginning, there’s an auspicious sizzling in the air. And then…

Vincent & Sophia (25 & 25)

We wanted to do an interview with Sophia and Vincent, because sex plays a big role for both of them. After all, sex is how…

First Sex 2 Tinder Sex Experiment

Just for you Ersties members, we’re conducting an experiment of a very different kind, as part of our “First Sex” series. We and Paulita wanted…