College Rules: The Girls School the Newbs

This week’s submission was brought to us from the west side. These girls wanted to show us how lame their male friends are. They would rather sit there playing video games than ram some tang! We have to say that’s kinda lame of them. I mean you have these cute chicks pretty much throwing themselves on you and you’re worried about how many kills you have? Damn, I feel bad for you, son. Luckily these college boys straightened their act up real quick once these girls got naked and pretty much made them fuck.

Download This Video From HERE

9 thoughts on “College Rules: The Girls School the Newbs

  1. Hey there is a can vid sextape of jaiya ma the playboy TV sex guru online can you please upload it here thanks.

          1. can u pls fix the entry “Ersties: Energizer Bunny”, that is the same video that you uploaded a week before in the “Ersties: A Helping Hand” entry

          2. i think the cam video is fake i saw the pics and i dont think its her
            lot of stuff been uploading on internet … like actress wannabes still i can be wrong but thought to share the info 🙂

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