Katja enjoys her freedom

This friendly student loves hanging out on the couch with her man, chatting about everything under the sun. That might include a swingers’ club, and when he asks her to go to one with her, she can’t say no. But it’s not always easy to take plans into action. So then, the couple hops online to search for promising alternatives. While the other students are partying, Katja has sex with total strangers in the bedroom – while her man watches. He’s totally turned on by seeing his sweetheart in action. Katja is enjoying this little adventure, because she knows her darling also wants to have his turn with her. When he kisses her neck and ears and nibbles on her nipples, she starts going wild. The best is when he goes down on her – as long as he doesn’t touch her clit. Sex with a stranger can be a very enriching experience, thinks Katja. However, she mainly does it as a favor for her man. Although, yes, she also has a tiny bit to gain from their very special arrangement. What is her stance on infidelity, actually? We had to ask her – and her answer is astounding…

Interview with Katja part 2

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Interview with Katja part 1

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Katja in action part 1

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Katja in action part 2

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