Sara & Mia (22 & 26)

Enjoy Your Picnic with Sara & Mia

Sara (22) is a cosmetician and Mia (26) is a student. Both are from Kassel and love to walk their dogs. While doing so, they naturally love to talk about sex and other nice things.

While Sara had her first experiences with women when she was sixteen, Mia waited until she was seventeen for her first lesbian relationship. Currently they are with men, though. Cheating is not an option – except with women of course.

With a grin Sara remembers her nicest sexual experience: She was at the pool with two friends and was getting it on intensely and wildly in front of all the other people there. Compared to that, Mia thinks she is harmless as she says. She had sex in public when stuck in traffic for four hours. “What else should you do anyways on the highway?”

When it comes to sex toys, you could call Mia an avid collector. And Sara loves her electronic toys that can get her to orgasm by just the click of a button.

Interview with Sara & Mia

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Sara & Mia shopping

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Sara & Mia in action

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