Vero & Carol (24 & 27)

A hot Mix: Vero & Carol

You can see at first glance that Vero and Carol are more than “just” best friends. They admit that yes, a lot of their time together is spent in bed.

Although these two students are shy at first, they loosen up as our camera continues rolling. Vero’s father is from Burma, and her mother is from Egypt, which has given her a sexy olive complexion. Carol came here from Poland two years ago and now studies psychology. She has seen a fair share of the world with lots of exciting experiences along the way.

Some years back, Vero found her father’s porn collection by accident, and Carol similarly discovered her sexuality early on – a certain adult-themed TV show helped her with that.

Today, the two log on to chat rooms to find some nice contacts here. Vero and Carol certainly have a lot in common. You can definitely see a spark between them – let’s see what ignites!

Interview with Vero & KaroI

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Vero & Carol in action part 1

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Vero & Carol in action part 2

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