Fantasymassage – Welcome to America

Starring: Chloe Amour, Aaron Wilcoxxx
Categories: Oil, Pussy Licking, Brunette, Ass Rubbing, Tattoo, Body Massage, Deepthroat, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Massage, Ass Massage, Ass, Cunilingus, HD Porn, Open Mouth Facial, Shaved, Pilots
Scene Description:
Chloe Amour is new to LA, and she is fresh from Dubai for her first massage. At first she is very nervous, in her culture it’s inappropriate to disrobe in front of a man, even then she is protective of her head dress. But, Aaron is accommodating and makes sure she feels comfortable every step along the way. He begins to touch her gently at first, and harder as time progresses. Always making sure she’s comfortable, but when he starts to rub her behind, she begins to feel feelings like never before, like a thermostat rising inside her that tells her that this is the perfect opportunity to get her first glimpse ever of a man’s private parts. Chloe uses her hand to try communicating with Aaron what she wants. He is cautious to respect her boundaries, but because he wants it just as much as she does he whips it out, and lets her play with his American penis. By the end he has her screaming in pleasure and swallowing his load.

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