First Sex 3

Blind Date goes Ersties Porn Version

Lindsey is pretty bad at making decisions, but she’s always horny. And we at Ersties want to give our girls a challenge, so we set up a hilarious situation for her:

She will star in our remake of the famous TV show “Blind Date”.

But we wouldn’t be Ersties if we failed to spice up the classic concept of the couple-matching show… We kept the basics: One girl, three guys and a seperating wall. But instead of a date, Lindsey’s chosen darling will be awarded with an instant hook-up, right after the show, in front of our audience and all our Ersties cameras.

When the candidates introduce themselves, it’s clear that the weird humor of “Blind Date” paired with the refreshing self-indulgence of Ersties is a match made in heaven! We present boy-toy Marco from Uruguay, gigolo Romeo from Jamaica and devotee Rory from Scotland.

Which bachelor will be Lindsey’s chosen one? Will she go for your favourite guy, or fuck someone else in the end? You all know “There’s no business like show business” – enjoy the clip!

First Sex 3

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First Sex 3 Blind Date Sex Show

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FS 3 Sexpart

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  1. lmao, so she shaves her pussy but not her armpits? fucking disgusting… the fuck is wrong with women these days?

    • I agree with you. Its so sad, that women like her don’t take care of themselves

    • Even as a woman I have to admit you cannot do this. If I wanted to be perceived clean and beautiful, I shave myself and put effort to look beautiful

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