LustCinema | Quintet


Directed By: David Bloom
Production year: 2013
Cast: Liz Pierrot , Jorgos Periklis , Jadzia Daxxx , Eva Marino , David Bloom
Description: “I invited a group of professional contemporary dancers in Berlin, all of whom are also explorers of conscious sexuality, to use their experience making dance pieces to research & question the border between pornography & art in this 22-minute short film. How much sexual explicitness is allowed into a “serious” artistic dance film? And how much time & space are allowed in pornography? Also a tribute to the experimental & sex-positive atmosphere of Berlin in the early 21st century, Quintet brings together work with dance, movement & conscious sexuality to create a unique erotic visual experience.” Quintet was featured at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and at CineKink NYC.

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  • yuyu yien

    more david bloom please. also can you upload videos from ms naughty?

  • Eddie maiden

    That was super weird… might have been better if they weren’t all dirty looking hipsters