Lustery: Erotic adventures

A sexy litte park adventure

The pretty blonde appears briefly on camera, and then joins us on the dangerous way along the run-down railway. The route over the algae-covered water up to the old shelter – somewhere in a remote corner of the park – something seems fishy. This sexy anonymous woman wants to tell us something, but doesn’t. Rather, she lets our anticipation build – something she’s quite good at. On the way to our destination, the stranger stumbles – and nearly falls in the water! But luckily everything’s alright. But then we can’t believe our eyes: In the distant barracks there appears to be a naked woman with her head down. Her arms are stretched upward and tied to the eaves of the shelter! She is happy to see her friend. Seductive petting, fleeting kisses of seduction… but the tethered girl can’t do a thing. Except go crazy – when her friend begins to kiss, caress and lick her down below. Again and again… finally she gets freed, but the lovemaking continues. Now the roles are reversed using every trick in the book. A heavy make-out session with caressing and even some ass-smacking… and we have it all on tape! Including detailed close-ups! What else goes on in these two girls’ lusty adventure? You simply gotta see for yourself!

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