My Knight In Shining Armor

Its fun sometimes to play the role of teh damsel in distress especially when your knight in shining armor is a stud like ramon…im sure alotta you guys recognize him seeing as hes one of the biggest pornstars on the world wide web aka the enter net hehe…We had a fun time shooting this little suspense thriller where i play the ….yes i allready told you, the damsel and ramon is myyyyyyyyyyyyy herooooooo not too mention the wind beneath my wings not to mention he has one of the biggest cocks ive ever seen!!!! but i digress so yeah we started off the shoot with this edge of your seat thriller which you get to see the beginning of in this trailer but only you lucky members get to see the exciting conclusion…ill give you a hint he saves me from the evil mugger guy and i give him a reward..can you guess what the reward is..i bet you can! well ends up i was ginving myself a reward i dont know if ive ever been fucked like that before…i have to admit i was scared at first i honestly can say i dont think ive ever been with anyone that big before but i concured my fear and boy was i glad i did…and i know ramon was too as are all of you enjoy boys and girls!!!

Download This Video From HERE

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