On the Roof

Im a very spontanious person, when i get an idea i dont usually hesitate in trying to make it happen, this tends to get me into trouble at times and it almost did today. I thought it would be fun to fuck a guy on the roof of the hotel i was staying in so i sent my cameraman to guy find a guy i could fuck on the roof. Didnt take him long, and he managed to find one that didnt look so bad…he was a little greasy though. So we layed out a blanket on top of some cardboard to make a bed..it wasnt muchof a bed but it was all we needed. It was really cool doing it up on the roof. It was real windy and the day was just beautiful. The guy was pretty good too. he had a nice size to him and moved pretty well. We must have gotten to close to the edge of the roof when we were fucking or something cause for some reason the cops showed up, luckily it was right after he cummed in mouth. All i know is we heard some sirens so my cameraman went to check and saw that there was a cop car parked right next to the building. Im not sure if he was there for us or not but we werent taking any chances so we hightailed outta there. Another exciting day:)

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