Playboy TV: Swing, Season 5, Ep. 8

What happens when committed men and women embrace the “lifestyle” filled with forbidden pleasures, free love, and extra partners in the bedroom! Every week we’ll be inviting a new couple to our weekend retreat and mixing them with veteran swingers and trained sex experts.

Swing, Season #5, Ep. 7: Brett & Lora

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129 thoughts on “Playboy TV: Swing, Season 5, Ep. 8

    1. Yeah, their foursomes on Chaturbate are best ever. Ros, theres a clip of it floating on pornhub, xhamster. Search for swingers. I think their chaturbate name is xxMayflowerxx

      1. found, beginning to think that this program is all fake, already the pair of the first episode of the first series (Josh and Jizelle) proved the porn actors and I think that in a while ‘released a video of Chloe, the way in promo early episode there is a scene of her boyfriend who seems angry, you saw her in a few episodes?

    2. Well, it depends. How long ago did they start camming and how long ago did this air? I remember seeing them on cam once but can’t remember how long it was. I remember thinking he was hot, though lol. Anyway I remember watching those “behind the scene interview shows” on like Bravo or something and the woman said, “Well this was shot a year ago.” So I’m wondering if these episodes were actually shot a year ago as well. If so, and if the videos I found were recorded 6-7 months ago, then that would mean that they started camming after their experience on Swing. Or not. I don’t know. I just know I really want to fucking ride the redhead’s cock.

  1. however lack the scenes you see in preview episode, the two couples having sex on the trampoline the pool, and then in the promo of the first episodes are three pairs (not the same as the 8 episode) who have sex on a bed . you’ve seen them these scenes ???

  2. WHAT A SHAME!!!in that last scene when she was ridding that massive cock..her husband should have gone up her ass at the same time..double penetration….!!she was so hot..rode like three cocks total .mmmmm

  3. Let’s see…. The hottest episodes of Season 5 were #7 & #8….. common thread…. Chloe! She is also in the hottest of Season 4 as well….. She is AMAZING!

  4. Creo que swing es un buen reality, pero lo que encuentro que falta es que la persona que introduce o presenta a las parejas en el programa ( Doctor Jess) se implicara mas en el reality ya que resulta un poco apropiado que un supuesto experto en sexo solo hable y lo que dice solo sean consejos y opiniones aprendidos en los libros fruto de teorías, que en la mayoría de los casos están alejadas de la realidad practica.

  5. So sad this appears to be the last episode of the season. Great bookends to this season. Episode 1 and 8 were sure fire.

  6. Any link for Chloe other than adult film school , I could see bootynthebeast in Twitter , but could not find any videos there

    Any help

  7. why i can’t play all video from,
    “the publisher of the video doesn’t allow adblock, please disable and reload”
    i am not use adblock…help please

  8. a few episode quite pity. They are hot but no full swap
    Season 2, Ep 2
    Season 3, Ep 6
    Season 4, Ep 7


    Consolidated of all 5 seasons, these are my favorite couples(of course is the ladies, with 1st as most fav)
    luv to have them as the resident in a single ep

    1) Hector & Stephanie
    2) Daniel & Nikki
    3) Matt & Mandy
    4) Sergio & Emily
    5) John & Heather
    6) Cecil & Stephanie
    7) Michael & Kimberly
    8) Stephan & Tehya
    9) JP & Trish
    10) Chad & Leticia
    11) Jason & Chloe

  9. This saturday (19 March) it will starts the next reality series of Playboy Tv: Cougar Club La. It seems to be a really good series. Can you please put the episodes here? Thank you!

  10. best season is season 4 e6 chloe and jason.. both is very attractive.. chloe in e 7 and 8 and season 4 e6 very pretty ..beautiful breast ..and very very cute.. playboy please show new season with chloe and jason

  11. K18 can you please tell when new episodes of SWING are coming? It’s been long time that there are no new episodes. Please upload new episodes of SWING K18. Thanks in advance.

  12. Hey
    Can you please upload some new swinger videos armature stuff is good please please please desperate for some new material .

      1. Hello k18
        WIll you please communicate with PLAYBOYTV for swing season 6……we want more seasons and more episodes whats wrong in that???

  13. Hey K18.

    Can you please upload the series by Discovery (Secret Sex Lives: Swingers) it only has a few episodes also a series called polyamory married and dating will apriciate it Thanks.

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