Revenge of the Foot….Job

While I know some of you are going to like this more than others cause hey, not everybodies got a foot fetish but i like to think when im doin it it should be enjoyable for everyone just cause of how darn cute i am and well…how good i am at doing them. I thought you guys might find this arti=cle i found on foot fetishes interesting.”For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of the foot and toes,(how can you get any cuter than mine) the texture of the skin, cleanliness, state of dress (no one takes better care of there feet then i do) and odor (fyi my feet smell like a meadow of roses on qa cool spring afternoon). Foot lovers may enjoy sniffing, touching, tickling, kissing, licking, sucking, and/or lovemaking with the objects of their affections.(all that sounds like fun to me!) Like other paraphilias, foot fetishism encompasses a wide range of predilections;( whatever that means) one foot fetishist may be aroused by scenarios that another fetishist finds unerotic or even repulsive.( as long as im in the scenerio its always attractive!) Websites exist that cater to a number of specialized scenarios(a website huh?), including: feet pushing down on gas or brake pedals, feet crushing objects like balloons or toy cars, women walking barefoot on uncomfortable surfaces( sorry guys your not gunna find me doin that) such as hot pavement( ouch!!), feet being pushed into mud or food, foot torture(never not my presious feet!!!) (i.e. having the soles of their feet tortured or punished by whippings, hot wax, or burnt with cigarettes)(there sure are some sickos huh guysZ!), and feet being bound and tickled.”(that i think i can handle however to me the what makes a good footjob is whether or not you can get the guy off with it i sure got that covered.

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