Stella Cox In Mootopia

More glimpses of Stella Cox in Portugal from photographer Michael White have arrived. Seems like the pair found some mootiful artwork in the countryside to use as a backdrop. If you also have an understanding of photography and access to an incredible woman like Stella, please reach out. [email protected] In the past, I have been hesitant to have others contribute to Zishy, but now, Michael and Stella have helped me reconsider my position. In the bonus video, enjoy some traditional Portuguese guitar on a track called ‘Bailarico Algarvio’ by Ricardo Parreira.

0010TIJz.jpg 002IiuBH.jpg 003aKFtR.jpg 004mWz49.jpg 005A3XRl.jpg 006XA3Vi.jpg 0072sO5U.jpg 008F9VON.jpg 009uW2em.jpg 010fJzYI.jpg 011RvDBW.jpg 012sKMpN.jpg 013nfsNx.jpg 0144ZM5j.jpg 015cDBXP.jpg 016UdxEh.jpg 017GxUjH.jpg 018nUsHo.jpg 0194gG1C.jpg 020nPDXh.jpg 0218NCt.jpg 022WQGca.jpg 0238p7Zj.jpg 024fZ1uR.jpg 025PYecj.jpg 026qgGUb.jpg 0277bHOt.jpg 028RqSK0.jpg 0294hWZi.jpg 0305Aavi.jpg 0318UYbf.jpg 032mWNtv.jpg 0331olr8.jpg 034nxOk7.jpg 0356n2zu.jpg 036Ive4o.jpg 037GdJZR.jpg 038x6MQp.jpg 03901JPF.jpg 0402A7zT.jpg 041abCUj.jpg 042EZsO8.jpg 043Oc5G.jpg 044xILP9.jpg 045vxXq0.jpg 046U19TV.jpg 047QSoAs.jpg 048Riq1b.jpg 049heHWd.jpg

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