Who is as cute and naughty as Lindsey?

There is something incredibly fascinating about Lindsey that’s hard to put your finger on at first. Maybe it’s her sun-soaked skin and her inviting smile? Or her creative, adventurous nature? Or her unique sexual interests? We say yes to all three!

Interview with Lindsey

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Lindsey in action part 1

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Lindsey in action part 2

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Hello
    Looking for Ersties “Bea & Ragnar” video, I couldnt found it elsewhere and I don’t have paid account on Ersties site to download it.

  2. Hello and thanks for all ??
    I’m searching very much for the Ersties-Episode of my favourite girl Lindsey. It’s called “Blind Date” and its rather new. Do you see any possibility to get it without regular account? I have some financial trouble for the moment…thx a lot & have a sexy day :o)

  3. hello do you have his last name to see more videos Pls

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