20 Year Old Becky Deep DP Glowstick Stretch Fest

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Becky has legs that must be 4 feet long LOL. She is a total free spirit and willing to try anything I throw at her. In this case it was a double handful of glowsticks. Some were large and long and others were short and skinny. Becky’s pussy was already wet before she began licking and inserting the glowsticks. Once she got a few in her pussy she began sticking them in her butt hole. For the next 10 minutes she played like a child with a new toy arranging singles and groups of the glowsticks in and out of her pussy and ass. This video features lots of close ups of all the penetration with Becky giving a running dialog of what she was doing and how her butt and pussy were feeling. Whe she didn’t have a glowstick in her butt she inserted a finger or two. Becky is the rainbow warrior of the glowstick challenge.

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