Girls wanna have fun: Lena B. & Candela

Their playtime already gets started in the locker room. Although it’s quite narrow, they have no trouble peeling off their clothes and revealing plenty of skin.

Lena continues to strip down, and, smiling, shows off her sizable breasts to the camera. Candela is pointing the lens directly at them, leaving nothing to the imagination! With deep kissing and caressing, they can’t help but enjoy each other’s bodies.

Especially when the “journey” heads “down south” and they their talented tongues to mutually pleasure each other. But they need to keep some restraint, because they don’t want anyone outside to hear them and realize what’s up. But keeping quiet is easier said than done…

Will Lena and Candela get caught during their intimate sexual adventure? And what happens when they end up going for a swim in the cool water? We wish we could see your reaction witness them together in the pool…

Lena & Candela in action part 1

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Lena & Candela in action part 2

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Interview with Lena & Candela

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