Greetings from Autralia: Abigail

Abigail is from Sydney and has been studying photography in Berlin for four years. It’s great that she could turn her hobby into a job! She finds the good balance between work and freedom, which she senses here, very important. The best conditions to work her dream job, as she says. When she’s not experimenting with her camera, she likes sleeping late, going out to dance and taking care of “Elliot”, her pet rabbit. Abigail has been in a relationship for about two years, but she still romanticizes when talking about her long-distance relationship with her ex… Incredibly intense was the time with him. And the best part must have been the secret fantasies they shared back then. As an aspiring photographer, she also has many nude pictures of herself. Surely she liked to send them to her boyfriend back then via Skype. Online sex is a big topic for her anyhow. If she doesn’t have an opportunity to have sex with her boyfriend or enjoy erotic role-play with him, she just masturbates. She says she could masturbate every day. But three to four times a week seems to be enough. She loves to use her vibrator or a dildo when she’s masturbating. But what does she do if she has no toys at hand? We just asked her…

Interview with Abigail part 1

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Interview with Abigail part 2

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Abigail in action part 1

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Abigail in action part 2

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