Liara Roux and Mickey Mod in Afternoon Delight

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About Liara and their projects

Liara Roux is a sex worker, independent adult media producer and director, a political organizer focused on freedom of expression for adult workers online, and an advocate for decriminalization and protection of consensual adult activity including queer and sex worker rights and safety worldwide.

Liara is known for their interest in freedom of expression and expertise in online content creation, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality media, and for their various commercial and non-profit projects. They have been interviewed by or had projects featured by the press in publications such as Vice, Wired, Playboy, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed News, International Business Times, and BBC Technology and on blogs such as Reason, The Mary Sue, Kotaku, The Daily Dot, and ErosBlog. They’ve written as Liara for Huffington Post, XBiz, Motherboard, Broadly, and Tits and Sass.

They have been publicly involved with adult media creation and sex work as Liara Roux for half a decade and are now producing and directing their own videos. Before Patreon started removing pornography, they were one of the most popular adult content Patreon creators. Liara is currently re-launching their media site as, with subscriptions available to the public in Summer 2018. Liara has done over 200 photo and video shoots since 2015, and around 100 of these will be available at the archive upon launch.

Along with the artist Aubrie Haze, Liara is writing a comic titled Adventures of Liara Roux. It’s currently in its second story and can be read at

In 2017, Liara organized and penned an Open Letter to Patreon along with a working group. The open letter, available at, was a response to Patreon’s new policies to do with adult content and strove to advocate for vulnerable creators in danger of being removed from the online funding platform.

In 2018, a film called “GFE” that Liara worked on (and was the only star of) was screened at SXSW without their consent, sparking fan reaction, media attention and legal action by Liara’s representation. They are currently involved in legal negotiations to do with the film.

In the aftermath of FOSTA/SESTA, Liara is working with other harm reduction volunteers to document the impact of the bill on marginalized communities, coordinate media outreach and get technical resources to vulnerable workers. In June 2018, Liara attended a massive Sex Worker Lobby Day in Washington DC.

Later in June 2018, Liara and Ashley Lake organized a Reddit event on the official “Ask Me Anything” community featuring over 60 sex workers, trafficking survivors, and other experts (even politicians) taking questions from the public. According to Reddit, the #SexWorkAMA had the most verified participants ever in an AMA, and the event received almost 900 thousand viewers and 8 thousand comments.

Liara was a finalist for Sex Worker of the Year at the 2018 Sexual Freedom Awards. The Sexual Freedom Awards have been held annually in London for 24 years.

When not traveling for work, Liara lives in NYC. Liara identifies as genderqueer and uses a variety of pronouns for work and they/them in general. They’re on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and have a fan community on Reddit. They also stream playing videogames on Twitch and have a profile with trailers for their films on PornHub. Their Snapchat is currently private and only available to fans through special promotions.

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