LustCinema | Pirate Jenny Strikes Again!

Directed by: Terri Heart
Release year: 2018
yes, London. You know, fish, chips, cup o tea, bad food, worse weather and Pirate Jenny! In our first movie filmed in British exile, the talented Terri Heart masterfully plays with English stereotypes and that unexplainable London-charm that newcomer Daisy Steel and Stirling Cooper impersonate perfectly.

Boat-owner Jenny desperately needs to sell her boat and discovers that she is a much better sales woman than she thought. When a handsome stranger appears on the banks of the river thames, Jenny gets very creative to make her property appear in the best possible way and proves to her prospective buyer that not all treasure is silver and gold..

And sailors beware: If you do not like bloody surprises, you might want to keep your finger on the pause-button towards the end.

The Cast: Daisy Steel, Stirling Cooper

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