LustCinema | XConfessions Vol. 12

Directed by: Erika Lust Release year: 2018
XConfessions Vol. 12
Fasten your seatbelts for XConfessions Volume 12! Featuring 6 brand new short films, one of which is not even released on EF yet. Including multiple female Guest Directors, and of course Erika Lust herself. Every story in this collection is inspired by a confession submitted to Erika Lust’s site, where anonymous members of the public submit their wildest and most personal sexual fantasies.

XC Vol. 12 features the debut XConfessions film by the infamous Poppy Sanchez, Moist. Have you seen her films Girls Night In or Electrify Me on Erotic Films? Then you’re going to love this underground Berlin woman’s exploration of a swingers sauna, an exhibitionist couple and a voyeur!

There’s also a threesome with a real-life couple, a voyeuristic, Black Mirror-esque short and lot’s more real fantasies for you to sink your teeth into!

The Cast: Lucy & Miro, Dion De Rossi, Parker Marx, Heidi Switch, Eris, Bel Gris, Bishop Black, Paulita Pappel, Dante Dionys, Bruno D’Ugo, Ronaldo Serruya

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  1. Brilliant!
    Thank you and please continue your work

  2. Thank you im so happy that you decied to reupload
    Thank you very much

  3. Thanks for the great work. It is possible to upload the x confessions live shows

  4. Such a wonderful compilation from LustCinema. Thanks for the upload!

  5. XConfessions Vol.13 and XConfessions Vol.14 are published.
    Are you planning too?

  6. Thanks K18!, btw they released XConfessions Vol.13 and 14 in couple days ago

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