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Greetings, everyone, and welcome to the start of another wonderful week here at Naked News! And it’s been made even MORE wonderful because I’m joined today by our beautiful guest anchor Clara! Welcome back, we haven’t seen you in a while! We’ll fully catch up with you by the end of the show today but the first thing I want to know is: Do you play the lottery? What’s the most you’ve ever won? While we can only WISH to win the big one, some people actually do. Roxanne O’Neill joins us now with that story in a Naked News Bulletin.

Eila, one lucky person who bought a Powerball ticket in Lafayette, Tennessee has won a lottery with a jackpot of 421 MILLION DOLLARS! The odds of hitting all six numbers are about 1 in 292 million, and the win is one of the largest in history! The person with the winning ticket has 180 days from the time of the draw to come forward and claim the prize. Given that Lafayette has only about 5 thousand residents, I have a feeling that’s about to become a party town!

Anthony Michael Hall may be most famous for playing a student in detention, but he might be facing an even more dramatic detention in real life! The ‘Breakfast Club’ star has been charged by the L.A. County D.A. with felony battery with serious bodily injury! The 48-year-old actor is alleged to have injured his neighbor during a scuffle, knocking him to the ground and reportedly breaking his wrist and injuring his back! If convicted, Hall could be facing up to SEVEN years in jail!

Yes, Canada is the land of the Naked News anchor, but one Canadian anchor is getting attention for wearing MORE clothes than expected! Ginella Massa is believed to be the first Canadian to anchor a major newscast wearing a hijab! The reporter filled in for a late-night newscast on Toronto’s CityNews earlier this month. Although there was some backlash on social media, she’s mostly been overwhelmed with praise! Deservedly so. We’ll be right back!

All right, moving on, Clara, when you’re trying to pick a movie to see, do you care more about the cast or the director? Well, in today’s Naked at the Movies, Kat Curtis has a lot of director AND casting news! Here she is.

Ever since we found out in October that Deadpool director Tim Miller wouldn’t be returning for the sequel, Hollywood’s been all abuzz over who would get the job! Now, one of the front-runners has been confirmed! The Deadpool 2 gig will be filled by David Leitch, one of the directors of John Wick! Anyone familiar with that film will tell you that this is a great fit, as Leitch has proven he knows how to mix humor with over-the-top violence!

Another director we love is Adam McKay, and he’s set to follow his huge success on The Big Short with a movie about a Big Dick! Cheney, to be precise! The Oscar-winning McKay has written a screenplay about W’s VP, the Halliburton CEO who became arguably the most powerful Vice President ever! In an interview with Deadline, McKay said “Once we started digging, I was astounded at how much he had shaped modern America’s place in the world and how shocking the methods were by which he gained power.” The plan is to start shooting the film in the spring, with a release late next year!

Spike Lee is ALSO one of the best film-makers out there, but it looks like he might not be that great a boss! Lee is being sued in federal court over claims that he has around 45 thousand dollars in unpaid health and pension contributions! According to the Hollywood Reporter, these kind of lawsuits are fairly common, but it’s UNCOMMON to name an individual and not just the production company. It sounds like if Spike Lee wants to DO THE RIGHT THING, he MO BETTER come up with the money!

We still hadn’t gotten over our excitement that Donald Glover was going to be playing Lando Calrissian when we got more casting news for the Han Solo movie! Emilia Clarke, best known to the world as Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen, will be starring in the movie as well! We don’t know who she’ll be playing yet, or much about the movie’s plot. But in a recent interview with Variety, Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy said the Han Solo movie would have something of “a heist or Western type feel.”

Here’s ANOTHER piece of casting news I’m super-excited about: the divine Angela Bassett will be appearing in Black Panther! She’s signed on to play Ramonda, who fans of the comic will know is Black Panther’s mother! The star-studded cast also includes Forrest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, and Lupita Nyong’o! And of course, Chadwick Boseman will be in the title role, having played the character so memorably in Captain America: Civil War. Black Panther is set to be released on February 16th, 2018. I’m Katherine Curtis, and I’ll see you next time Naked at the Movies!

I’m Natasha Olenski and THIS, is the Naked Sports Report! Here’s something no one’s said this late in an NFL season in oh, about 15 years: the Oakland Raiders are in first place! They pulled out another heart-stopping victory Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. QB Derek Carr had to leave the game after dislocating his pinky finger, but came back a few plays later and brought Oakland back from an 8-point deficit in the fourth to win it! The Raiders won a 35-32 thriller and Carr looks like a legit MVP candidate.

Unless you were up late Sunday night you missed a pretty good game! The Chiefs and Broncos started out slow but had plenty of scoring in the fourth quarter and went to overtime tied at 24! Both teams kicked field goals in OT, and this one went right down to the wire! With time expiring, Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos clanked one off the upright… but it was still good! Kansas City won 30 to 27.

It might not get much love here, but overseas, the Davis Cup is a REALLY big deal! This year’s international tennis final pitted Argentina against Croatia in Zagreb. Argentina was down 2-1 going into the final day, but pulled off a miraculous comeback! The turnaround started in a showdown between Juan Martin del Potro and Marin Cilic. del Potro lost the first two sets, but roared back in epic fashion to stun Cilic in a match that lasted nearly FIVE HOURS! Argentina won the next match in straight sets to cap off the improbable comeback and win their very first Davis Cup trophy!

The last race on the Formula One calendar took place this weekend in Abu Dhabi, and Lewis Hamilton won AGAIN! It was his fourth straight checkered flag. Only problem was, his teammate and rival Nico Rosberg finished second – good enough to win the overall points race and the driver’s championship! The 31-year old German did a little crowd surfing while celebrating in victory lane. Hamilton did everything he could to sabotage Rosberg. With the German in his rearview, he defied team orders and purposely slowed down, hoping the rest of the pack would catch up to Rosberg and knock him out! Nevertheless, they shook hands on the podium when it was all said and done. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

And we hope Conor McGregor enjoyed his two UFC belts while he could! The Irishman has been forced to vacate his featherweight title after taking the lightweight belt from Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden two weeks ago. Conor made history at UFC 205 by becoming the only fighter to hold belts in two weight classes simultaneously. Now that he’s given up the featherweight belt, Jose Aldo is now the undisputed champ there. We’d love to see Conor come back down and fight Aldo again, but right now he seems to have his sights set on a superfight with Floyd Mayweather! Sounds crazy, but you never know! For Naked News, I’m Natasha Olenski, see you NEXT time for more, Naked Sports!

Thanks very much Natasha! Are you much into Sports? How about Travel, how often do you take to the skies and jet off to somewhere exciting? Well, one thing I’ve never had to deal on my travels is an airline strike, which is something people in Germany are faced with right now because of Lufthansa. Roxanne has that story right now with another Naked News Bulletin.

After a four-day walkout by Lufthansa pilots last week led to 28-HUNDRED flights being cancelled, the German airline is taking matters to the court! They’re seeking an injunction aimed at stopping further strikes planned for Tuesday and Wednesday! The pay dispute has led to over a dozen strikes since April, with the airline estimating that each day costs them more than ten million dollars! But Lufthansa’s CEO has said the future of the airline would be threatened if he met the pilots’ demands!

In airline news closer to home, DELTA Airlines has issued an apology for not ejecting a belligerent passenger from one of their flights! They really didn’t have much of a choice, after video of a Donald Trump supporter berating other passengers went viral! That video has over 2 million views on the original Facebook post alone! In a statement on their website, Delta wrote “We have followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight.” I think the moral is if you’re yelling on a plane, it better be about the mountain dead ahead!

All those fact-checkers who thought their lives would be easier after the election may have underestimated @realDonaldTrump! The Tweeter-in-Chief-to-be was at it again this weekend, claiming with no evidence that millions of people voted illegally, costing him the popular vote! This was in reaction to the Green Party’s Jill Stein and her efforts to have vote audits done in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan! All major networks and fact-checking websites PolitiFact and have found no basis for Trump’s claim! Love him or hate him, he definitely keeps things interesting! From the Naked Newsroom, I’m Roxanne.

We’re lovin’ this ridiculous new offering from McDonald’s! No that ISN’T a burger patty, it’s a thick serving of Nutella! This is the “Sweety with Nutella”, and it’s exclusive to the McCafe menu in Italy. The bun is baked with the Nutella inside, which gives the chocolate a crusty edge that makes it look a bit like beef. Reaction online has been mixed. Some are weeping for the future of Italian cuisine, but others – like me – think it’s molto bene!

You have to give credit to Doritos – they’re nothing if not innovative! This month the nacho chip brand came out with a disgustingly awesome new product: Doritos Loaded! These nacho-cheese flavored breaded triangles are filled with melted cheese. There are two flavors on offer right now: nacho cheese and jalapeno cheese. Heat ’em up in the oven and you’ve got the perfect game-time snack in minutes!

If you prefer sweet over savory, you might want to add this smart cookie oven to your holiday wishlist! The appropriately named “CHiP” is designed to create mouthwatering gourmet cookies in just ten minutes! Right now it’s just a prototype, but the gadget’s well on its way thanks to a healthy Kickstarter campaign. Just like a Keurig coffee maker, you can pick your favorite cookie flavor and let the CHiP take care of the rest! You can preorder one for 99 dollars on the Kickstarter site.

Turns out the biggest casualty of the UK’s Brexit vote was Toblerone! To mitigate rising production costs, Toblerone’s American parent company Mondelez International has made the bars across the pond about 10-percent smaller! The result is THIS new shape to the iconic holiday treat, and Brits are NOT happy about it! The reaction on social media has been less-than-kind. As one Twitter user put it, the new design is the chocolate equivalent of a comb over!

‘Tis the season for holiday hangovers! But if you’re in London, we’ve got just the thing to cure that headache. A pizzeria there called NY Fold has a rep for serving up New York-inspired pizzas. Their limited edition pizza combines sausage, pecorino cheese, oregano, fresh garlic, spinach, and eggs for the ultimate hangover cure! And in case of emergency, you can also hold the slices over your ears to drown out your annoying family members! With the week’s tastiest stories for Naked News, I’m Whitney St. John!

hat pizza looked pretty tasty! What about you Clara, any special hangover remedies? Okay up next I’m heading to the track in Wheelz! I went to TestFest for an off-road run in a Volvo SUV to learn more about how automotive journalists choose the year’s best vehicles!

That was a fun segment, maybe not so much for the camera guys trying to hide in the backseat though. Okay so Clara, I had fun getting to know you a bit more through the show today, and I’m sure our viewers did as well. Now one question we kept getting sent to us since your last appearance was, where is Clara and how come she’s not on the show?

Well, we’re glad you’re back, and we’ll be seeing you a bunch this week! In fact, we really have a GREAT week in store for everyone out there. Not only are you and Whitney in the studios, we’ve ALSO got the segment fans have been asking about for ages – the wet t-shirt contest Whitney and I were involved with in Miami for XBiz-CamCon! Pus we’ll have more from Hanna and things she likes to do in her spare time, like painting, with her breasts! Watch for that on Sunday’s Naked news magazine.

Last but not least today, we’ve got a new LIKE and SHARE to WIN contest! Some lucky fan is going to win this amazingly sexy autographed photo of guest anchor Veronica! This would be an incredible addition to any man cave! To win it, all you have to do is go to our official Facebook fan page. Make sure you LIKE our page and the safe for work version of the pic we put up there, then SHARE with all your friends. Whoever shares it the most will win it! See you tomorrow everyone.

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