Playboy Plus | Leidy Yalena in Playboy Mexico

Get down and dirty with International model, Leidy Yalena in her spread from Playboy Mexico as Miss May 2017. All greased up and dressed in sneakers, booty shorts, and a white tank, Leidy is ready for her close up on set with photographer, Miguel Manrique. You’ll fall deep into lust with her as soon as you get a glimpse of her long brown hair, sparkling eyes, pink lips, round breasts and totally juicy backside. This Colombian beauty is no stranger to the camera. “I’m a professional model and a student of Fashion Design,” she tells us. But clothes aren’t the one thing she loves. When it comes to the opposite sex, Leidy likes a guy who knows how to take care of a woman and keep her on her toes. “My idea of a perfect date is when they surprise me. I do not like monotony, it’s boring,” she exclaims. “When you do something different, you become someone hard to forget,” she says with a smile. Surprise this lovely model, Leidy Yalena, right here on Playboy Plus!

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