Playboy TV: Swing, Season 5, Ep. 1

What happens when committed men and women embrace the ‘lifestyle’ filled with forbidden pleasures, free love, and extra partners in the bedroom! Every week we’ll be inviting a new couple to our weekend retreat and mixing them with veteran swingers and trained sex experts.
Season 5, Ep. 1

Swing – Matt and Alexis

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  1. I love Swing!!!

  2. K18 could you give me the download link for the first 3 episodes?

  3. Love swing this was hot the couple were right at home here on the swing house

  4. I love the episodes where the guy is hot too! Why do they cast couples where the guy is a average or fugly? SMH

  5. Hello k18, can we get some new swing season episodes..???

  6. Hello k18, can we get some new swing episodes..???

    • Whenever the new episodes will play on site, i will upload them here too.
      At the moment there are not new episodes.

  7. He wants to download the video…. LoL

    • To download the video if there is not any download link, just make right click on the video screen and then choose to save the video.

  8. Ashley and you give a link to the section where Real came first

  9. Askley ve Earl in ilk geldiği videonun linkini istiyorum. ben Türkei den katılıyorum

  10. Ashley ve Earl in ilk videosu link

  11. Please upload 6th season


  13. Eleana & Alex | Swing Season 4..
    Pless upload

  14. Is there No new Season Coming of SWING Season 6

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