Playboy TV: Triple Play, Season 3, Ep. 2

Adventurous couples searches for a partner for their first threesome.

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23 thoughts on “Playboy TV: Triple Play, Season 3, Ep. 2

    1. She’s the only one that isn’t a pornstar, unless she’s an extra from one of the casting couches; most likely they probably just found her in the corner one Monday afternoon.

  1. Yeah okay people be hella rude Dieter aka Alexander Gustavo was my fiancé in real life . Correct they are both pornstars I on the other hand am not I work a normal job and wanted to try something new . I love Dieter with all of my heart and he will always be missed this show correct is filmed before December we shot back in October . So yes in real life we were a happy couple and I did experience that for the first time . Comes the perks of dating a kinky pornstar . I love him with all my heart

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