The Life Erotic – Mary Lin: Getting Freed 2

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Gorgeous Mary Lin, a striking blonde with pale-blue eyes, is at home in her sunlit dining/living room. Barefoot and with minimal makeup, she’s wearing a light blue-gray minidress that flatters her beautiful curvy body. Smiling, she looks out the window then strips off her dress and lace-edged panties, replacing them wth a sexy black satin robe…

She runs her hands over the smooth fabric, then they slip inside of it, exposing her full, natural breasts in the process. She removes the sash belt and plays it over her body as the robe falls open to reveal her shaved pussy. She loops it around her neck and takes it in her mouth, then strokes it against her crotch – and, as she enjoys the sensations, her imagination begins to run wild. As her fingers stray to her slit, she pictures herself naked and bound with shiny black bondage tape. It secures her wrists, ankles and thighs to her chair, as she sits spotlit in the same room – now dark and shadowy. It also circles her hips and waist, criss-crosses between her full breasts and gags her mouth. Drooling, she struggles against the bonds, frees one hand and ungags herself. She runs her manicured fingertips over her bare curves, then drops them to tease her slit, rubbing her clit. Soon, she’s engulfed in pleasure, eyes closed and mouth open as she moans and sighs. She tears her other hand free and gives her tits some attention, too. As her excitement rises, her cries become louder and more frequent, building until she finally cums to a powerful climax – her body spasms and arches as far as her bonds will allow. As fantasy Mary Lin enjoys the afterglow, caressing her naked skin, we rejoin the real-world version who is also lost in a post-orgasmic reverie…

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