The Life Erotic – Sarah Cute – Stick It On 2

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Sizzling-hot Sarah Cute, a Hispanic babe from Hungary, is home alone in this horny flight of fantasy directed by Sandra Shine. Dressed in a sexy but cozy sequined sweater, long socks and fancy lingerie, she amuses herself by reading, watching TV, doing housework chores and fixing her makeup and long brunette hair – but she seems a little bored and restless…

As she sorts through a box of stuff, she finds a huge, realistic-looking dildo. Triumphantly, she slams the sucker-base down on a glass-topped table and has fun making the shaft quiver. Feeling horny, she strips to her socks, revealing perky, perfect breasts with puffy caramel nipples, a discreet tattoo and a shaved pussy. She hops up on the table and caresses the mock cock, jacking it against her crotch then splaying her lubed lips as she grinds her slit against the head. Soon, she is wet enough to take the toy inside of her snatch and she sinks down on it, gyrating her hips. She grabs her tits and fingers her clit and, as she rides the shaft, she takes it deeper, squatting over it. Then, balanced on her feet, with her ass just clear of the tabletop, she humps against it. She moans and sighs with pleasure, her face a picture of ecstasy as the hefty tool plows in and out. On her knees again, she bounces on the dildo, the camera capturing a gorgeous rear view of her round ass cheeks, tight asshole and dimples of Venus. Her moans turn to cries as she cums and she slides free of the dildo, but she continues to work the head against her slit, prolonging her orgasm. Then, satisfied, she tosses the toy back into her box of treasures…

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