You Put Your Right Foot In…

LOCATlON: Courtyard by Mariott, Tulsa, UK

It’s a miracle you’re even seeing this. Wichita housewife Ginger finally granted us permission to post it. The Member Party was over but evidently these two weren’t quite finished fucking people just yet.

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8 thoughts on “You Put Your Right Foot In…

  1. Good stuff man, love this site. Is it possible to get some videos? Some of them are impossible to find. Also, how about girlsoutwest?

      1. Yeah it seems something happened to it recently. Is it not possible to get videos if it’s not working? Like old videos. Or does it need to be up and running?

          1. Videos they published before they went offline, their old videos 🙂 Or can you only get them if website is online?

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